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  Angel Juicer Kempo Twin Health
Juices Fruit & Vegetable x x x
Pulp-Free Juice x x x
Make Seed & Nut Butter x x x
LowMake Baby Food & Dessert x x x
Juice Herb x x x
Low Operating RPM x x x
Produce High Quality "Living Juice" x x x
Low Heat & Physical Shock x x x
High Nutrient & Enzyme Content Juice x x x
Accessory Included x x x
Juices Wheet Grass x x x
Dry Pulp x x x
Dry Pulp+ x x x
Very Dry Pulp++ x
Low Noise Operation x x x
Twin Gear x x x
Reliable/ Quality Made Juicer x x
Gring Dry CoffeeBeans x x x
Grinding Gear Size (Big) x
High Pressure Screw (Big) x
3 Stage Extraction (Patent) x
Very Easy to Clean x
Stainless Steel Housing x
Extracting Part-Stainless Steel(100%) x
Motor Size (Big) x
Grinding Motor Power (3HP) x
Motor Cooling System x
Safety with Water x
Length of Extracting Net (Long) x
High Pressure Stainless Screw Stainless Plastic Stainless
Break Screw with High Pressure x x
Abrasion Screw with High Pressure x x

※ Angel extract juice at least 30% more than Kempo, etc.
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