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  Ease of Clean-Up & Operation

Unique design with remarkable extraction power makes more easier and simple to use and clean. Newly designed parts make easier for clean-up, assembly and disassembly.

Antibacterial, Solid Stainless Steel Twin Gears

High quality, strength solid stainless steel(SUS-304 or SUS-316). Other twin gears are made of plastics & stainless steel, breakable.

All Stainless Steel Construction

State-of-the-art design and it always keep clean. Very Hygienic!

82 Low RPMs

Produce very little oxidation, the highest nutrient juice and keep more enzymes intact because of almost no heat and friction by low turning speed. The lowest rpm twin gear juicer in the market.

3 HP Grinding Force

The solid, surgical-grade stainless steel twin gears running at 3 HP grinding force and it allows you to juice strong fibrous, stringy produce quicker and smooth including wheatgrass, pine needle.

3-Stage Extracting Twin Gear System

For efficient juice extraction, stage one applies concentrated pressure to the fruit or vegetable. Stage two & three grinds and continuously masticates the fruit or vegetable creating very dry pulp and as a result - more juice.

3-Stage Screen System

3-stage screen filters and maximizes pure juice yield resulting in 3 times the amount of juice extracted compared to other juicers.

Simplicity - No need to Interchange Screens, No need to align dots of twin gears

A single three-stage screen handles all fruits and vegetables. No need for other screens.
Free from the hassles of aligning twin gear dots.

Marrow Juice Extracting with 3 HP grinding force

By precision engineered two stage twin gear system, powerful motor and 3 stage screen system, the Super Angel can crush cellulose fibers, breaking up cells in vegetables and fruits-extracting nutrients locked inside, which result darker, richer color of the juice and a sweeter, richer more full-bodied flavor.

No Pulp Adjustment Necessary

Powerful heavy duty motor always bring maximum squeezing and produce maximum juice quantity.

Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection

Impeller press system of twin gears enables continuous juicing.

Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances

Removes most of agricultural chemicals and toxic substances from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Super Quiet Operation

The higher wattage motor with unique motor cooling system results in less strain on motor, and less heating of the motor, as well as increased durability.

Wide Range of Juicing Abilities

juicing almost anything from vegetables, fruits(including soft fruits), leafy greens, wheatgrass, roots, herbs, sprouts and even pine needles.


Soy Bean Juicing(Soymilk) & Making Tofu, Nut Butters, Frozen Fruit Sorbet.

Automatic Overheat Sensor

A thermal protection device and anti-jam reverse action offer safe use and peace of mind. The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.

6 Safety Devices

Automatic Heat Sensor, Extra Rocker Switch, Internal Gear Protection, Reinforcement of Switch Panel, Double Protection of motor and Main Housing Unit, the Screen Housing.

Fan Cooled

Specially designed the motor cooling system prevents motor overheated and extend the life span of motor. Super quiet motor operation!

Drier Pulp

Ultra-precision 3-stage twin gear system with powerful heavy duty motor bring the maximum extraction of juice, which creates very dry pulp and as a result - more juice. Please compare to other juicers.

Heavy Duty Construction

Hand-built, precision engineered using the highest quality grade stainless steel.


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