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  1982 Mar. Started R&D on juicer.  
    Dec. Invented the fisrt Juicer  
  1983 Jun. Released Juicer in the market  
  Nov. Upgraded existing Juicer  
  1984 Feb. Officially established Angel Co., Ltd.  
    May. Upgraded Juicer again.  
    Nov. Released the first Twin Gear Juice Extractor in the world.  
  1987 Nov. Released new model.  
  1991 May. Released electrically operating model.  
  Jun. Selected as 'Promising Entrepreneurs' by Korea Small & Medium Business Corporation  
  Aug. Opened Dae-Gu Office.  
  Sep. Started commercial on MBC TV  
  Approved to make electronic product.  
  1992 Jan. Released new product  
  Feb. Factory relocated and more assembly line added.  
  Mar. Registered with Korea Products Safety Association.  
  Dec. Opened Angel House Demonstration place in Gang-Nam, Seoul, Korea.  
  1993 Jan. Released Voice Support model.  
  Mar. Selected as official Juice Extractor of Dae-Jeon Expo '93, Korea.  
  May. Released Artificial Intelligent Stainless Steel Model.  
  Jun. Opened Healthy Life Clinic in Harbin, China.  
  Aug. Opened Angel House 1st branch.  
  1994 Mar. Built 2nd factory in Bu-chon, Korea.  
  Apr. Relocated head office to Seoul, Korea.  
  Opened LA branch.  
    May. Released new plastic model.(Discontinued)  
  1998 Apr. Released new model, Optima.(Discontinued)  
  2000 Apr. Released new model, health Bank.(Discontinued)  
  2004 Mar. Released new model, Angela 2.(Discontinued)  
    Dec. Released commercial juicer.  
  2005 Feb. Released new model for factory.  
    Mar. Selected as Power Brand by consumers  
  2007 Dec. Released new model, Angelia Gold (Limited Supply)(Discontinued)  
  2008 Jan. Released new model, Angelia 3000/3500 (Manual)   
    Apr. Released new model, Angelia 7000/7500 (Intelligent control device)   
    Sep. Joined the Association of Korea Science and Technology   
    Dec. Selected as the Best Export Company by Korea Small &Medium Business Corporation   
  2010 Oct. ChangedCI.BI   
      Released new model, Angelia 8000s/8000ss  
      (SUS 316 stainless steel for Anti-Biotic Surgical blade)  

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