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How to assemble - Home Use Stainless Steel Juicer

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  Make sure to unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet before starting assembly. Place the clean, soft towel underneath the screen housing for preventing the damage of parts when dropped. Then, follow the instruction below.

1. First, Insert the Driving Gear through the Driving Gear Shaft.
  Then, push the gear fully into the slot. Make sure the gears are fully seated.
  how to assemble angel juicer
2. Second, Insert the Free Wheel Gear through the Sub-Shaft.
  how to assemble angel juicer
3. Always make sure the gears are fully seated before operating.If you forcefully push the
  gear all the way into the slot without properly aligning them, the gear shaft can get
  how to assemble angel juicer
4. Slowly slide the screen housing over the twin gears and push it back.
5. Push the clamp down to lock the screen housing to the motor base unit.
6. Place the screen housing cover on the screen housing.
  how to assemble angel juicer

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