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How to operate - Home Use Stainless Steel Juicer

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1. Please wash the parts thoroughly by rinsing with lukewarm water before first use of your
  Super Angel Juice Extractor.
  This will eliminate any traces of dust or residue from manufacturing or shipping.
2. Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet on the wall.
3. Connect the other side of the power cord into the power cord connector of the motor base
   how to operate angel juicer, how to operate home use stainless steel juicer
4. Place the juice tub under the screen housing.
5. Place the pulp collector under the pulp outlet.
   how to operate angel juicer, how to operate home use stainless steel juicer
6. Push the main power switch ON (Red Rocker Switch).
7. Check the power indicator(red light) is ON. Now, ready to juice!
8. Start juicing by pressing the 'Start'button.
9. Insert the small amount of Vegetable into the feeding chute by pressing with the wooden
  Note: When operating the juice extractor, please do not let the twin gears idle without food in the feeding chute for extended periods of time. Running the gears excessively while no food is inputted may cause irregular operation. It is suggested to turn the switch on or off depending on when actual juicing is done.

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