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Tips for Cleaning - Home Use Stainless Steel Juicer

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  Maintaining maximum cleanliness of your juicer is extremely important for both your health and the peak performance of the machine. We recommend cleaning the juicer immediately after use, since cleaning the machine as quickly as possible is the easiest way to remove food articles.

1. MINERAL SCALES: After using the machine for some time, you may notice a calcium or
  mineral deposit on the surface of the twin gears.
This mineral deposits may be removed from the tips of the twin gears by running soaked almonds through the machine. Another excellent way to remove mineral scales is to soak those affected parts in a pure vinegar bath overnight. This loosens the scaling and much of it can be brushed off. This process maybe repeated as necessary. The vinegar used for
de-scaling can be stored for reuse. Please label the storage bottle properly so that it is not accidentally used in food preparation.

Tips! To prevent mineral scales, thoroughly clean the twin gears with warm water immediately after juicing. If delays on above cleaning, the mineral deposit starts to build up (It looks like a very thin film on the surface of twin gears).
2. STICKY RESIDUE: Dried fruits and nuts can be very sticky on the inside surface of the
  juicer. To remove the residue more easily, run a couple of stalks of celery through the machine before disassemble the machine.
3. MOTOR BASE UNIT: Wipe the exterior surfaces with a damp cloth and dry with a clean
  towel. For keeping the best polish, clean the parts with the soft sponge first and dry it with the soft towel. After cleaning the juice extractor, let it dry thoroughly.

It is not recommended that harsh chemical, such as bleach, be used to remove food stains from the juice extractor.

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