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  Component and effect of representative vegetable

A) Immortal grass

1) Major Component

- Vitamin A, B1, B2~B12, Vitamin C, D, Chlorophyll, Germanium

2) Physiological effect

- Helping to sustain body balance
- Function of hematopoietic
- Upgrade the function of growth hormone
- Promoting liver function and detoxification
- Peripheral blood vessel expansion
- Function of anti-allergy
- Function of anticancer
- Function of diuresis
- Function of seminal plasma

3) Possible apply disease

- Hypertension, neuralgia, gastroenteropathy, asthma, constipation, diabetes, hepatism, heart disease prevention.
- Enhancement of stamina and liver function. (Recover fatigue)
- Providing the brain nutrition and skin beauty
- Sustain body fluid as alkali
- Stability, concentration
- Insomnia
- Osteoporosis, omarthritis
- Cancer, anemia
- Varicose vein, hemorrhoid, brain infarct, cerebral hemorrhage, apoplexy, lethe, dementia, vibration of eyelid

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Immortal grass + Beet + Sowthistle: Function of Anti-cancer
- Carrot + Immortal grass + Comfrey + Beet: liver dyscrasia

B) Lettuce

1) Major component of lettuce

- Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Sulfur, Calcium, Iron, Chlorine, Iodine.

2) Physiological effect

- Anti-ulcer
- Function of promoting pique and seminal plasma
- Function of detoxification
- Function of hematopoiesis
- Sthenia

3) Possible apply disease

- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Stomach ulcer
- Duodenal ulcer

4) Example of application

- Carrot sap + Lettuce sap: of Vitamin C

C) Carrot

1) Major component of carrot

- Carotene 6-10mg%, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K, Calcium, Potassium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium.

2) Physiological effect and activation of immune system

- Activation of immune system
- Prevention of night blindness
- Sustaining the elastance of respirator, digestive system, and mucocutaneous
- Promoting of stamina
- Function of hematopoiesis/ Vitamin A
- Function of Sthenia/ Stamina
- Function of incubation/ Vitamin E
- Palpation of hormone fluor

3) Possible apply disease

- Protecting from infect of eye, paristhmion, sinus, gorge, respirator.
- Protection of nerve system
- Infertility
- Preventing the puerperal fever
- Assisted remedy of ulcer and cancer
- Anemia, hypotension
- Remediation of frostbite
- Constipation, neurasthenia, cancer, asthma, gastric ulcer, health promotion
- Fatigue of eye, night blindness, fatigue, stress, rough skin, dysautonomia.

4) Example of application

- Spinach + Carrot: impediment of intestinum crassum
- Carrot + Beet + Cucumber: gallbladder calculus
- Carrot + Beet + Seed of palm: kidney, gallbladder


D) Parsley

1) Major component of parsley

- Calcium 238mg, Vitamin A 3.792mg, Phosphorus 51mg, Iron 10.6mg
- Vitamin B1 0.24mg, Vitamin C 150mg, Niacin 1.5 mg

2) Physiological effect

- Good for swelter
- Nerve excitation
- Strengthen blood capillary and artery
- Good for urogenital organ
- Good for edema
- Preventing gum hemorrhage and frostbite
- Good for skin beauty

3) Possible apply disease

- Diabetes
- Urogenital organ, proteinuria
- Kidney calculus, cystis calculus
- Nephritis, kidney hindrance dyscrasia
- Attenuation of eyesight, keratohelcosis
- Cataract, conjunctivitis, eye disease
- Paramenia
- Jaundice

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Celery + Lettuce + Parsley: hindrance of eyesight
- Carrot + Cucumber + Beet + Celery: Occurring unharmonious nerve system: paramenia erysipelas

E) Celery

1) Major component of celery

- Calcium 39mg, Phosphorous 34mg, Vitamin A 125IU, Vitamin B1 0.08mg, Niacin 0.2mg, Vitamin B12, Sodium, Magnesium, Germanium, Limatura ferri chlorophyll.

2) Physiological effect

- Antibacterial activity
- Promoting metabolism
- Prompting function of stomach
- Extension of peripheral vascular
- Anti-allergy activity
- Blunting of nerve system activity
- Excretion of CO1
- Adjusting density of blood vessel and lymph liquid
- Sustain fluidity
- Good for blood cellular

3) Possible apply disease

- Prevention of geromorphism
- Diabetes
- Skin beauty
- Sweltering
- Nerve excitation, neurasthenia
- Gastric ulcer
- Asthma
- Beriberi
- Arthritis

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Celery: Nerve disturbance, blood system


F) Leek

1) Major component of leek

- Sulfide aryl/ Vitamin B absorption, Vitamin B1, B2, C, Sulfur

2) Physiological effect

- Invigoration activity
- Urinary concentration
- Seminal plasma activity/ sulfur
- Able to melt mucus in the sinus, bronchus, lung

3) Possible apply disease

- Vomiting
- Cough
- Gynecopathy
- Amebic diarrhea
- Elimination of parasite
- Crayopathy of womankind

G) Sedum

1) Major component of sedum

- (Glucose, sucrose, fructose), amino acid

2) Physiological effect

- Enhance appetite
- Detoxification, diuresis
- Choleretic activity/ promoting the secretion of bile
- Bacteriocidal action, tumorlet, cellulites
- Anti-cancer aid activity

3) Possible apply disease

- Acute hepatitis
- Liver cirrhosis
- Cholelithiasis
- Cholecystitis
- Acute bronchitis
- Various hepatitis inflammations

4) Example of application

- Furuncle, contusion: Pound leaf of sedum, and plaster on the lesion


H) Radish

1) Major component of radish

- Diastase, Catalase, Vitamin A, B, C, Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium

2) Physiological effect

- Digest activity
- Antidote/ elimination of nicotine
- Seminal plasma/ prevention of gas occurrence
- Peroxynitrite activity/ good for bleeding and furuncle
- Cellulites activity/ promoting blood circulation
- Antitussive, expectoration activity/ melting biliary stone

3) Possible apply disease

- Excess gastric acid
- Nephritis
- Rheumatoid
- Pertussis
- Asthma
- Anemia
- Elimination of food poisoning
- Obstipatic
- Lung disease

I) Pine needle

1) Major component of pine needle

- Vitamin A, C, K, Chlorophyll, Calcium, Limatura ferri

2) Physiological effect

- Corroborant, hypoglycemic activity
- Elimination of nicotine toxic of cigarette
- Hair, senopia, stable nerve
- Elimination of stress, antidote
- Promoting wooly hair (make white hair to black)
- Make acute eyesight, and hearing. Slower aging.

3) Possible apply disease

- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Arteriosclerosis
- Anemia

J) Horseradish

1) Major component of horseradish

- Limatura ferri, Calcium, Manganese, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, Choline, Acetylcholine,

2) Physiological effect

- Hemostasis activity/ Hemostat of bleeding disease such as lung, bowel and womb
- Antidiarrheal and diuresis activity and elimination of fat
- Promoting liver activity/ Choline
- Hematopoiesis/ Manganese, Cupper
- Digest activity
- Promoting autonomic nerve system

3) Possible apply disease

- Sequela
- Bronchus
- Relaxivity constipation
- Hypertension
- Apoplexy
- Recovery after cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral apoplexy

4) Example of application

- A person who has calculus should not eat boiled horseradish

K) Beet

1) Major component of beet

- Vitamin B1, B2, C, Potassium, Calcium, Chlorine

2) Physiological effect

- Detergent effect of bowels
- Detergent effect of blood vessels
- Elimination of calculus

3) Possible apply disease

- Hepatitis, menstrual disorder
- Anemia, renal stone
- Hypotension, biliary stone
- Hypertension, liver
- Cancer, kidney
- Constipation, gallbladder
- Rash

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Celery + Beet: constipation, rash, anemia
- Carrot + Cucumber + Beet: elimination of calculus of gallbladder and kidney


L) Spinach

1) Major component of spinach

- Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Cupper, Chlorophyll, Manganese, Saponin, Fiber

2) Physiological effect

- Good for scavenger, body reconstruction, regeneration, and gum
- Hematopoiesis
- Elimination of uric acid
- Stomachic, beefy effect
- Dipsesis
- Elimination of various poisons

3) Possible apply disease

- Constipation, anal fistula, duodenal ulcer
- Various neurodegenerative, abscess, furuncle, edema, hemorrhage
- Functional disorder of heart, hypertension, and hypotension
- Visual disturbance, migraine, malignant anemia, convulsion
- Functional disorder of adrenal gland, thyroid gland, neuritis, arthritis
- Ache of sexual organ, edema bleeding from body, infirmity, and rheumatism

4) Example of application

- Spinach + Lettuce + Dropwort + Carrot + Green paper (Vitamin E): Infertility, abortion, and aphonia

M) Potato

1) Major component of potato

- Globulin, Protein, Fat, Fiber, Vitamin B1, C, Calcium, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Potassium

2) Physiological effect

- Strong ancylostoma (detoxification)
- Rhizome/ atropine
- Seminal plasma activity/ prevention of constipation
- Prevention of tooth decay

3) Possible apply disease

- Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer
- Hypertension, heart disease, diarrhea
- Bronchial asthma
- Improvement of allergic constitution

N) Chicory (Endive)

1) Physiological effect

- Providing nutrition to the eye and optic nerve
- Promoting secretion of bile

2) Possible apply disease

- Ophthalmologic Diseases
- Cataract
- Glaucoma
- Spleen disease
- Heart disease
- Diabetes
- Anemia

3) Example of application

- Carrot + Parsley + Bitter Lettuce + Celery: Functional disorder of liver and gallbladder, disturbance of spleen

O) Comfrey

1) Major component of comfrey

- Chlorophyll, Lysine, Glucose, Germanium, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, M, U, C, E, Calcium, Biotin, Niacin, Folate, Choline, Pantothenic acid, Allantoin, Limatura ferri, Sodium

2) Physiological effect

- Good for eye, digestive organ, respiration
- Sthenia, seminal plasma effect
- Resistance of pernicious anemia
- Oxygen, enzyme, dehydrogenation
- Reproducing liver cell

3) Possible apply disease

- Prevention of anemia and various adult diseases
- Diabetes
- Various brain damages
- Constipation
- Gastric ulcer
- Myocardial infarction
- Lung cancer
- Gastric ulcer (excessive gastric acid)
- Pyorrhea alveolaris


P) Cucumber

1) Major component of cucumber

- Potassium 40%, Calcium 75%, Sodium 10%, Phosphorus 20%, Chlorine 75%, Sulfur, Silicon

2) Physiological effect

- Diuresis effect
- Prevention of split fingernail
- Prevention of depilation
- Promotion of epilation
- Stable blood pressure
- Prevention of vomiting

3) Possible apply disease

- Diuresis, cough, bronchitis
- Hepatic cirrhosis, dysentery
- Ascitic fluid
- Edema
- Skin care
- Hypotension or hypertension
- Pyorrhea alveolaris

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Cucumber: Rheumatic disease
- Carrot + Cucumber + Spinach: Promoting hair growth
- Cucumber + Luffa: Cough, bronchitis, miliaria, burn

Q) Asparagus

1) Major component of asparagus

- Asparagine

2) Physiological effect

- When the destroy organ function is not perfect that determines alkaloid oxalic acid.
- Inhibition of uric acid production by excessive protein when there is a general line adjustment.

3) Possible apply disease

- Renal insufficiency, gout
- Anemia, Stamina enhancement
- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Rheumatic disease
- Neuralgia
- Diuresis
- Arteriosclerosis

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Beet + Cucumber + Asparagus: prostrate hindrance


R) Kale

1) Major component of kale

- Chlorophyll, Calcium 407mg, Phosphorus 49mg, Iron 5.8mg, Vitamin A-4500IU
- Fiber, Vitamin B1, B2, C, E, K

2) Physiological effect

- Hematopoiesis activity, which makes blood
- Cleaning blood
- Cleaning organ
- Promotion of metabolism

3) Possible apply disease

- Hypertension
- Constipation
- Gastric ulcer
- Duodenal ulcer
- Prevention of corpulence
- Rheumatism, backache, omodynia
- Recovery/ mitigation of headache

S) Dandelion

1) Major component of dandelion

- Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Iron, sterol, palmitin, chorine

2) Physiological effect

- Diuresis, choleretics
- Promotion of tooth, digestion
- Prevention of scrofulotuberculosis
- Nerve
- Excess gastric acid, antidiarrheal, seminal plasma
- Liver, febricide, detoxification
- Promotion of blood production, lactogenic activity
- Inhibition of fat denaturation between root and liver

3) Possible apply disease

- There is no case for lying-in woman about weak of tooth after procreation
- Lac sulfuris adenitis, lack of mother milk
- Stomachic, diuresis, stethocatharsis,
- Indigestion, constipation, hepatalgia, jaundice, asthma, uterine wall, food poison, esophagitis, edema, hepatitis, cholecystitis, hemorrhoid
- Hair color is getting darker and muscle and bone are getting stronger

4) Example of application

- Carrot + Radish leaf + Dandelion: Vertebra or bone, pyorrhea alveolaris and tooth decay

T) Dropwort

1) Major component of dropwort

- Fat, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, limatura ferri, Magnesium, Sulfur, Chlorine, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C

2) Physiological effect

- Antihypertensive activity
- Tussis of constipation
- Febricide and detoxification
- Hemostasis, cleaning blood, antidiarrheal
- Sedation, hemorrhoid, neurasthenia
- Person who has weak stamina
- Sulfur: scavenger of intestine

3) Possible apply disease

- Fluor genitalis for woman
- Hemorrhoid, hypertension
- Constipation, measles, pneumonitis
- Rheumatism, influenza
- Anemia, climacteric
- Hypotension, neuralgia
- Low weight, jaundice
- Sunstroke, indigestion, diarrhea
- Neurasthenia, stress

4) Example of application

- Lettuce + Dropwort + Carrot + Spinach: Blood reproduction
- Carrot + Spinach + Radish leaf + Dropwort: Hemorrhoid, frostbite, and miliaria
- Massage of raw dropwort sap (detoxification): When one has fever by drinking
- Carrot + Parsley + Dropwort + Potato: Good for colpitis emphysematosa

How to make effective green sap?

1. Green sap should be extract from vegetables as soon as possible
- The nutrients are starting to break down after being extract from vegetables

2. Most ideal green sap should be made of 3-4 kinds of vegetables
- Nutrients can be destroyed if too many kinds of vegetables are mixed together

3. There are three ways to make green sap to drink it without any problem
- Just few of strong appetite (ingredient) vegetables
- Lots of vegetables that contains smooth and sweet appetite
- Middles taste vegetables are middles amount

4. Green sap contains three kinds of saps, which are meat juice, bone juice, and marrow juice
- Meat juice is made of leaf of vegetables, which has green color
- Bone juice is extracted from root or trunk of vegetables
- Marrow juice extracts vitamin, minerals from white fiber of leaves, trunks, and roots. Not only marrow juice is most important to human beings but also most hard to get it.

5. Green sap is better not be extracted by the centrifugal separator or blender (destroying nutrients)
- Fibers should be grinded completely like a cow's rumination
- Various nutrients should be extracted from fibers by pressure way to preserve nutrients, which helps to reproduce a human body

6. Sap should be made of fresh vegetables and organic farmed vegetables

7. The vegetables that contain lots of fiber such as a kale, and vegetables that contain small amount of fiber such as carrot, root vegetables, can be a great sap, which contains various nutrients with them.

8. When one makes potato sap, potato sap should be cleaned and the bud and green part of the potato should be eliminated. After extracting sap from the potato, one should drink only upper part of the sap.

Fine green sap materials

- Vegetables just rooted up are the freshest vegetables
- Vegetables that grew by organic farming technique produce better vegetables
- It is very effective to use seasonal vegetables
- It is very effective to use various kinds of vegetables
- The vegetables, which have deep color, contain lots of nutrients
- The vegetables from the fertility land contain lots of nutrients with them

Harmony of vegetables

- Vegetables are should be separated by the three appetites, which are divided by strong, middle and soft (1:2:5(4)) ratio
- Vegetables and fruits should not be mixed together (changed by the healthy condition of digestive system)
- A bulb-kinds and chloroplast vegetables should be mixed with similar ratio and they should not be mixed together over four kinds at the same time.

Harmony of vegetables

Strong taste (10~15%) Dropwort, leaf mustard, bitter lettuce, thistle, lettuce, parsley, beet, pine needle, dandelion, radish, etc
Middle taste (20~30%) Celery, spinach, bean, baby lettuce, alfalfa, immortal grass, asparagus, green pepper, etc
Soft taste (50%) Carrot, cucumber, lettuce, etc

If one drinks beet sap over a half of cup, one might feel dizzy and nauseating. This happens because beet sap cleans liver. Fresh parsley sap is one of the strongest vegetables. But if parsley sap is too strong, it can cause an unbalance of nerve system.


How to make effective green sap?

- It is effective when you drink green sap right after you make it
: Vegetables is losing their vigor and dying right after plucked from the ground. That means after green sap is extracted from the vegetables, green sap is going to oxidative destroy even faster than plucked from the ground.

- The effect of green sap and fruits juice will be appear if you drink constantly
: The vitamins, minerals that our body requires are placed in the green sap. Because the deficiency of these kinds of elements will be appear on the body directly, you should drink green sap everyday to provide enough amount of minerals and vitamins

- Make sure that you are drinking green sap in the period of an empty stomach
: An empty stomach period: 2.5 or 3 hours after the meal to the 1 or 0.5 hour before the next meal

- Make sure that take your time when you drink it.
- So-um constitution people usually require more green sap than normal people, so they should change their constitution. A person who is so-um constitution usually contains low digestive function, which can bring diarrhea by coliform bacillus and putrefactive bacterium in the intestines. People who are so-um constitution might take charcoal, warm saps, and 5-6 cups of lemon sap in a day. Also they should not forget to operate enema. They will experience the constitution improvement.

- If you have diarrhea after drink green sap, enema should be operated with charcoal
: You can get rid of diarrhea by reducing amount of green sap and increase the temperature of stomach by hot compress. Also increasing degree of sap, light exercise with deep breath will help to eliminate diarrhea. (More need to a cancer, liver consolidation)

- Drinking more sap means quicker recovery
: Drinking more sap means more nutrients to provide. But more importantly, saps are melting various toxins that place in our body all over the place and excrete by urine, sweating and breathing. "No matter how good green sap is, drink appropriately." Healthy person does not
need a lot of medicines, person who suffers from disease need appropriate amount of medicines are required.

- Exercise and deep breathing, gratitude mind and natural recovery ability
: Light exercise, deep breath, and appreciation to the people who encourage you to recover promote brain and hypothalamus to produce hormones, which can heal various diseases. Nutrients of green sap are materials, and hypothalamus and hypophysis are controllers of natural healing ability. Good condition of controller can bring better and quicker recovery. (Human is built by what human ate)

- Synthetic sap can be very effective

: It would be very helpful cure you r disease if you drink green sap that contains most of minerals and vitamins that you body requires.

- Do not drink vegetable and fruit saps at the same time

: It can cause diarrhea by the gas from the bowels

- Drink green sap with 1-hour interval
: Drink fruits sap with 30 minutes interval. But person who has cancer or damaged liver should extend the time interval and reduce the amount of sap to drink

- When you drink potato sap

: Wait till the sediments are settled on the bottom of the cup. Then, you can drink only upper part of sap

- Do not take sweet fruits and sour fruits at the same time

- Especially, when you eat watermelon or drink watermelon sap
: You should drink it with 30 minutes interval

The way to bring more positive effect when you drink green sap

1. Make all the abilities of organs focus on cleaning and reproduce cells in the body during the alimentary abstinence. Drinking sap during the alimentary abstinence can make body excretes the garbage in the small and large intestines' limps. Not eating anything for 3 hours after the meal will make better digestive system. 3 meals * 3 hours = 9 hours. You will not be able to drink green sap for 9 hours in a day, but in the period of alimentary abstinence you will be able to drink green sap much more than normal day

2. It is much better to operate enema more than one time
- Stercoral excretes with toxins from the small intestine, and toxins are transported to the large intestine. Enema cleans not only toxins from the stercoral in the body but also cleans large intestine. No matter how healthy and weak people are, enema will help all the people to maintain health.

3. There are several kinds of enema (lemon enema, charcoal enema, coffee enema, castor oil enema), and they should be used effectively.
- These will help to excrete most of toxins from the inner organs such as a kidney, blood vessels, joint and heart. They will make more clear blood, and change all the toxins and diseases to normal metabolisms, which can promote cure and recover.

4.The purpose of drink sap is for the health of a body and curing diseases
- If you really want to recover from the adult diseases, you need to get rid of wrong dietary life because it can cause various adult diseases.

5. Dietary habit that should be improved
- Stimulative food that is salty, and spicy
- Refined food such as white rice and flour
- Various beverage such as tea, coffee, cocoa, etc
- Sodas such as coke, sprite, etc
- Overeating and snacks can burden the stomach
- Seasoning such as sugars, salts and pigments
- Effective menu: Do not eat vegetables & fruits at the same time Do not eat sweet fruits & sour fruits at the same time Do not eat protein and carbohydrate at the same time Do not eat fat and carbohydrate at the same time Eat watermelon and melon independently
- Do not drink water right before and during the mealtime. People who likes soup usually contains gastrointestinal with them. So these people should drink green sap or water in ordinary time.
- Avoid hard practice, labor, anxiety, and anger before or after the meal, because these will be produce toxins in the body and food that contains lots of fat will be cause a food poison.

Various symptoms by drinking sap

1. Person who vomits when they drink sap
- This person has weak digestive organs, so he/she should drink sap enough to increase digestibility.

2. Person who suffers from stomachache and diarrhea when a person drinks sap
- If you feel the pain on your stomach after you drink sap, it doesn't mean that sap is not appropriate for you. It happens because putrefactive bacterium is breeding in the small or large intestines. Those bacteria can survive because of nutritious sap we drunk.
- Intestines contain stercoral with them, and putrefactive bacteria and parasites can survive in them. Theses kinds of stercoral included in all kinds of heated food, and sometimes became a reason of constipation, hemorrhoid, headache, fever, pimple, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease
- A person who has this kind of symptom treats as a so-um constitution. They are usually lacked of digestive enzyme, which brings proliferation of putrefactive bacteria. The situation will be getting worse if they leave it for a long time. The liver will be get weaker, and make people acidic constitution. Also putrefactive bacteria will be cause of headache, margarine headache, and hepatitis. That is why the fast treatment and enema are important, because those can improve our constitution, and recover our livers.

3. Person who suffers from insertion on then skin when a person drinks sap
- People's skin color sometimes turns into yellow around the eyes or mouth. Some people are saying that it is from jaundice, which is a carotene from carrot. They can easily think of liver problem. But it is not a jaundice but excretion of poison though the skin or urine.
A patient who has more poison or deeper color mean quicker recovery from the disease
Person who drinks more sap will turn into yellow color than others, because that means quicker excretion of poison
Your face is not going to change to green color if you eat green vegetables, such as kale and celery, nor the red vegetable such as red beet. So yellow skin does not caused by excessive carotene
The color of skin turns in to yellow at the first time, but constant drink will make skin color to normal, and smooth skin. It cures pimple, hemorrhoid, and pericementitis also. The skin will not turn in to yellow color unless you are containing poisons with your body.

4. Person who suffers from itching and rash on the skin when a person drinks sap
- You can see some people are having a rash or allergy when they drink green sap. It happens because the poisons in the body are getting out from our body through the skin. When this happens take a shower often and take more amount of sap

5. Person who feels dizziness and nauseating when a person drinks sap
- These things usually happen when people drink beet sap, or people who has damaged liver or fatty liver. To get rid of dizziness they can reduce the amount of sap. But these things happen because major nutrients such as a Na++ and etc make stronger cleaning of liver and kidney.


Ask me anything!

Q) Is it true that it not good for me when I eat fruits and vegetables at the same time?

A) It is not good to eat fruits and vegetables at the same time. Fruits are work as detergents
and vegetables are work as construction materials. So it is same as building a house and cleaning a house at the same time. Fruits can promote gaster to produce acid to destroy saps. As a result, the blood will be getting unclean, and digestive system will get a problem, especially person who has weak digestibility and weak gaster.

Q) It is true that nutrients will be destroyed if carrots and cucumbers are mixed together?

A) Korea Nutrients Academic Society Art and Science presentation was opened at the Suk-Myung women's university. Professor Gun-young Park, who is in the food nutrients academic major, represented about the change of vitamin C in the green sap.
Professor researched about changing of amount of vitamins (Ascorbic acid) and oxidative vitamin C (Denyaroascorbic acid) with greenish yellow vegetables such as carrot, radish, cucumber, sesame leaf, lettuce, and kale. As a result, carrots or other vegetables seemed like destroyed at the first time, but, total vitamin C (ascorbic acid + Denyaroascorbic acid) did not changed. This result is same as a Sam-Yuk university's conclusion.
Compare to the old theory, which protested that oxidative vitamin C has no physiological activity; recent theory proved that oxidative vitamin C also has physiological activity in the human body.
For the green sap, synthesis, rather than destroy, will bring a more effective result and a balance of nutrients.

Q) Is it true that potato sap has an ability to detoxicate?

A) Yes. Potato is a strong toxicide, which used as a bactericide, anthelmintic, antidote. The bud of the potato should be eliminated because it contains solanin toxin with it. It's okay that drinks potato sap alone, but it is much better if one drinks sap with ratio, carrot 45%, celery 30%, and potato 25%. It is also good to drink pear sap once or twice in a day.

Q) What should I do when I have a headache by food poison?

A) When you find food poison at the first stage, you should drink warm water with 4-tea spoon of charcoal. But if the symptom is very serious, like headache, chill, vomit, drink a cup of potato sap and drink warm water with 4-tea spoon of charcoal about after 10 minutes every 2 hours, 3 or 4 times in a day. You will feel refresh. When you drink potato sap, get rid of green part of potato, and let starch settle bottom of the cup. Drink only upper part of it.

Various kinds of sap and effect

Carrot 8, Beet 2
Cucumber 4,
Dropwort 2
Cleaning organs such as liver, kidney, blood, Lymphatic vessel
Help to cure most of all adult disease
Carrot 8,
Immortal grass 5,
Spinach 3
Recover of liver, anti-cancer, produce blood
Adult diseases such as cancer, anemia, liver disease, diabetes
Carrot 8, Dandelion 3
Spinach 5
Make strong nerve system, ligament, joint, bone, bower wall
Diabetes, arthritis, neurogenic disease, mental disease
Carrot 8, Lettuce 4
Asparagus 4
Intensity of bones, elastance of joint ligament, diuresis, melting inorganic mineral in the body
Hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, depilation, prostate, function of heart and lung
Vascular disease, eliminate blood statsis to make better blood fluid
Destroy oxalic acid in the blood vessels, various hormonal disease
Carrot 8, Celery 4
Parsley 2, Spinach 2
Endocrine system such as an adrenal gland function, promote various metabolisms. Control of water and inorganic substances such as Ca in the body. Fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism, obesity, function of kidney, prevent a poison in the body
Carrot 10, Spinach 6 Blood vessel (Cleaning of capillary and bowel)
Carrot 6, Lettuce 4
Spring burns 4
Cleaning of starch and glucose in the body. Cleaning of Lymphatic vessel, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, depilation, prostate inflammation, function of heart and lung, visual acuity, etc
Carrot 7, Celery 5
Chicory 3, Parsley 2
Cataract, neuralgia, optic nerve, neurogenic disease, bones, joints, ligament
Carrot 10, Alfalfa 6 Function of liver, bone, joint, ligament, nerve, anemia, cleaning, recover visual acuity, auditory, Sthenia
Potato sap Detoxification, bactericidal action, Ancylostoma
Watermelon Diuresis
Grapes Clean, detoxification, energy
Pear sap Detoxification, diuresis

Effect and illness combination of green sap

- Acute cecum
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz / pear sap
- Acute food poison
: Drink potato sap 30min gap/ carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz / carrot 8 oz, celery 6 oz
- Acute cystitis, urine
: Carrot 10 oz, cucumber oz, beets oz / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
- Biliary stone and renal calculus
Drink several time hot water with one lemon sap, carrot 10 oz, beet oz, cucumber 3 oz
- Acute pneumonia
: Carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 4 oz, and parsley 2 oz
- Bronchus asthma
: Carrot 9 oz, celery 5 oz, chicory 2 oz / carrot 12 oz, alfalfa 4 oz/ carrot 11 oz, parsley 5 oz
- Adiposis
: Carrot 8 oz, lettuce 4 oz, asparagus 4 oz (3 times in a day) / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz / carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz
- Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer
: Carrot 11 oz, lettuce
- Catamenia, climacteric
: Carrot 8 oz, beet 3 oz, parsley 2 oz / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
- Prostate hypertrophia
: Carrot 7 oz, asparagus 4 oz / beet 6 oz, cucumber 2 oz, carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
- Coronal arteriopathy
: Carrot 9 oz, lettuce 4 oz, cucumber 3 oz / carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 2 oz / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
- Acute liver inflammation
: Carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz / carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 2 oz
- Hemorrhoid
: Carrot 8 oz, spinach 4 oz, (dropwort) 2 oz / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz / carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 3 oz
- Epilepsy
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz / carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz / carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 3 oz
- Thyroid gland disease
: Carrot 11 oz, lettuce 5 oz / carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 3 oz/ carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz / carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
- Abortion
: Carrot 6 oz, lettuce 3 oz, spinach 3 oz, dropwort 2 oz, green pepper 2 oz
- Coryza
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz/ carrot 8 oz, celery 5 oz, radish 3 oz
- Various palsys
: Carrot 8 oz, spinach 4 oz, dropwort 2 oz / carrot 6 oz, celery 3 oz, spinach 3 oz, dropwort 2 oz, green paper 2 oz
- Constipation
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 7 oz, celery 5 oz, endive 2 oz, parsley 2 oz/ carrot 7 oz, celery 5 oz, potato 4 oz.
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 2 oz/ carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz/ Carrot 6 oz, lettuce 3 oz, spinach 3 oz, dropwort 2 oz, green paper 2 oz
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 7 oz, celery 4 oz, spinach 3 oz, parsley 2 oz/ carrot 8 oz, celery 5 oz, beet 3 oz
-Vision aberration
: Carrot 7 oz, celery 5 oz, endive 2 oz, and parsley 2 oz
- Vertigo
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz
-Osteomyelitis, periosteitis
: Carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 11 oz, dandelion 3 oz
- Burn
: Carrot 7 oz, celery 5 oz, potato 4 oz/ carrot 10 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz
: Carrot 11 oz, dandelion 3 oz, leaf-mustard 2 oz/ carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
: Carrot 12 oz, alfalfa 4 oz/ carrot 10 oz, and spinach 6 oz
- Frostbite
: Carrot 6 oz, celery 3 oz, spinach 3 oz, dropwort 2 oz, green paper 2 oz
- Alopecia
: Carrot 7 oz, lettuce 3 oz, spinach 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz/ carrot 9 oz, lettuce 4 oz, alfalfa 3 oz/ carrot 8 oz, lettuce 5 oz, spinach 3 oz
- Infertility
: Carrot 8 oz, beet 3 oz, cucumber 3 oz, parsley 2 oz/ carrot 6 oz, lettuce 3 oz, spinach 3 oz, dropwort 2 oz, green paper 2 oz
- Angina pectoris
: Carrot 8 oz, spinach 4 oz, dropwort 2 oz, leaf-mustard 2 oz
- Tuberculosis
: Carrot 8 oz, lettuce 5 oz, spinach 3 oz/ carrot 12 oz, dandelion 4 oz/ carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz/ carrot 7 oz, celery 5 oz, potato 4 oz
- Liver sclerosis
: Carrot 8 oz, lettuce 4 oz, and asparagus 4 oz
- Headache, migraine
: Onion sap water and dilution (3 times a day), carrot 10 oz, spinach 6 oz
- The herbage that caw and rabbit like to eat, such as mulberry leaves, arrowroot, sowthistle, alfalfa, clover, radish leaves, kale, green perilla leaves, paper leaves, sedum, garlic, un-spicy paper, carrot leaves, bush clover, pine needles, etc, is able to use as material of green sap.


Fast treatment and recovery

What is fast treatment?
Alimentary abstinence cancels kidney's continuous overload and make tired digestive system to relax. It recovers kidney and stercoral in the small and large intestine. Alimentary abstinence is temporary stopping food for recover the slow intestine activity.

Why do we need fast treatment?
- Person who has weak liver function should watch out for apepsia by between meal, overfeeding, and fatigue of liver by environment, and inappropriate food. Unbalancing of body such as losing appetite and stamina, getting gas in the stomach, and headache will give patients hard time to recover from it, and sometimes develops to serious damage due to apepsia.
- Declining of liver function drops detoxification ability and resistance, which causes lots of disease, and makes unclear blood. Declining of reproductive ability delays recover of anemia
- Alimentary abstinence can be divided to three term, which are short-term, middle term, and long-term. Enema can be combined with fast treatment. The result of these is very effective. First of all, liver makes blood clear, and eliminates stercoral in the small and large intestines. Second, it stops production of basic toxic, and make blood clear to increase the action of white blood cell. Finally, it promotes the ability of blood circulation and natural recovery to remedy from various diseases.

Purpose of fast treatment

1. Relaxation of digestive system (esp. kidney)
-When people got diseases, most of them are thinking to get better food to overcome the diseases. Sometimes it cause a side effect, a fast treatment used wide instead of it.
- Fast treatment makes an interval to heal liver and various glands in the body
- Detergent effect of blood will help patients to overcome their diseases
- Preventing the cause of disease will eliminate the disease

2. No more toxins by incomplete digestion (gas and toxin)
- The ill body implies abnormal metabolisms in the body, especially digestive organs (liver). It causes not only an indigestion but also extension of disease by disturbing liver and lymphocyte. Alimentary abstinence can stop poison occurrence by indigestion.
- Fast treatment can promote body to produce more lymphocyte
- Clearer blood will make better blood circulation and metabolism, and better metabolism will get the power to heal itself

3. Elimination of stercoral with enema
- Enema cleans the garbage, which placed for many years between the wrinkles in the intestines' wall, in the body. It also cleans stercoral in the diverticulum. Elimination of garbage and stercoral will make cleaner blood, relaxed liver, and better metabolisms because garbage and stercoral can produce harmful poisons. It will promote our bodies to recover quicker.

4. Improvement of an appetite
- Patient's most of organs are in the fine condition. Especially, the liver will have less power to detoxicate and heal from the poisons, which brings indigestion. Weakened liver makes people lose their appetites. That's why people need a fast treatment and enema, because it will improve people's appetite. (Dizziness, headache, vomit, losing appetite, fatigue, malaise, irritable mood, negative aspect can occur by oxygen and nutrients deficiency of various cells)

5. Combustion and excretion of needless fat (excessive)
- Cleaning of blood vessels wall
- Elimination of needless capillary
- Reinforcement of blood pressure
Several considerable facts that we should know before fast treatment
- Think if an alimentary abstinence is able to operate: Lots of patients and people who want an fast treatment are able to operate short-term or long-term fast treatment. But the very prudent caution is required for the people who are underweight, because malnutrition is more dangerous than other diseases. Beside that, even healthy people may do an alimentary abstinence and enema, because people who eat heated food might contain stercoral within their bodies.
- Choose kinds and period of a fast treatment
- Consider about one's job and one's condition of living
- One should be consider about recovery during a fast treatment
- It brings more effective result when enema are operating with an fast treatment
- It is more effective when one does an alimentary abstinence with family members
Kinds of fast treatment

A. Water fast treatment
- Person who has heavy weigh and chronic fatigue (by fatigue of digestive organs) can operate water fast treatment. It is possible to see an effect in a short-term.
- Try not to do this longer than 3 days, because long-terms of water fast treatment can cause a malnutrition. You will find this out after 2-3 years.
- It is possible to get poisons out of body in the short-term
- 1 time of fast treatment in a month can help both body and mentality to a person who has obesity, chronic fatigue, headache, margarine headache, indigestion, mental labor

B. Grapes fast treatment
- Try to use organic faming grapes in a grapes season. Grapes alimentary abstinence provides energy and various nutrients such as a calcium, pentolinium, and citric acid to the body. Various acids can not only clean the blood but also melt all the poison from liver and kidney, etc. and get them out from our body. Iron operates hematopoiesis.
- Try to eat 3 meals with grapes, and drink grapes juice between the meals
- It is possible to eat grapes with pears or apples, and drink grapes juice between the meals
- Use 1~1.5 kg of grapes per day
- You can drink pure water whenever you feel like it
- It is possible to exercise during the grapes alimentary abstinence, because it provides enough nutrients to our body (try to avoid extreme exercise)

C. Fruits fast treatment
- People can eat various fresh fruits 3 meals or 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) in a day. It is safer than grapes alimentary abstinence.
- Even pregnant women can do this because it provides enough nutrients
- Appropriate to the invalid and old people
- Try to use all kinds of fruits, especially in the fruits seasons
- It is good for diet alimentary abstinence
- Detoxification and excretion functions are better than the water or grapes fast treatment
- It is convenience to drink to the mental labor, even the taxi driver
- It helps to heal various diseases except really serious disease

D. Green sap fast treatment (Raw sap fast treatment)
- It gets the most advantageous fast treatment
- Providing fruits juice several times will get the same merit from grapes fast treatment
- Providing green sap is very important. All kinds of vegetables contain K, Cl, Na, and 150 kinds of alkali, which can melt all kinds of garbage and poisons in the body. Green sap contains vitamin B12, Fe, Mg, Mn, Cu, I that our body always requires. Green sap provides these nutrients to our body and fixes an unbalance of metabolism and various diseases.
- Hepatitis, acute hepatic, hepatoma, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, obesity and dyscrasia of nervous system, dyscrasia of digestive system, dyscrasia of skin, allergy, food poisoning, migraine headache, headache, toxinemia, dyscrasia of kidney, gynecopathy, critical age and various other diseases can be prevented
- People can do enough exercise and activity during the fast treatment
- Person who has weak intestine will not get diarrhea if the temperature of stomach is increased
- Except the special case, medicines can be boil. But there is a special instruction for that
- Green sap is applicable to all kinds of patients
- Green sap can be very useful to the patient who cannot eat food by serious illness
- Good for every patient who is able to drink green sap
- Good for the patients who have consumption diseases
- A patient in the terminal stage sometimes starts with fewer amounts
- Patients who has liver consolidation or liver cancer in the terminal stage can use bear's gallbladder or cow's gallbladder to heal diseases
- Help to cure at the first stage with a VA stagnation, VE, and Se
- Effect will be double if enema follows with fast treatment (more effect on serious illness)

Enema and recovery meals

1. What is enema?

- Fast treatment and enema can not only sweep inside of our body but also give stamina to act. Enema basically sweeps the stercoral, which produced by heated food and located between the villus and wrinkles of intestine. So it eliminates the damage from basic poison or disesthesia by gas.
- You may feel the pain on your stomach by vermiculation of intestine during the enema. Then, you should reduce the speed of injection, and keep your stomach warm
- You will feel like your intestine is twisting in you stomach in 3-5 minutes time interval. It means that your intestine is acting in 3-5 minutes time interval and sweeps garbage in you intestine. Keep your stomach warm and wait about 8-15 minutes (20 minutes maximum)
- Defecation takes long time, so you can twist you waist to help it
- Some people are vomiting after defecation by acuteness of nerve or bilious acid. You may drink coffee to make feel better or drink tea to mitigate and calm the nerves. Olive is helpful also. You may change to coffee enema to get rid of vomiting.
- To have an effective enema, fast treatment should be operated together
- 3-4 times of enema in a day is very effective (first and second day). From the third day, twice of enema is appropriate. From the fourth day, only once in a day is appropriate
- 15 days later for shortest, several months to longest, the stercoral will execrate constantly
- It supposes to be treated carefully. If a person who is having a hard time to detoxicate the toxins from the stercoral might have hepatic coma. So they should know how to use charcoal and potato sap.
- Try to drink charcoal 3-4 times, 3-4 teaspoons at once, in a day.
- Headache and body ache can be appearing by the poison in the stercoral during the enema. Then, you can drink potato sap (3-5 cups in a day) to cure this
- Pay special careful attention on recovery meal after fast treatment or enema

2. Lemon enema

- Equipment: enema apparatus, 8 lemons, thick vinyl or rubber covering cloth (1m*1m)
- Drink lemon sap (1 lemon sap in the cup of warm water)
- Drink 2 cups of lemon saps in the 8:30 pm (1 lemon): before the enema
- Dilute sap 2 lemons to the 1500~2000 cc of pure water
- Put above lemon sap into the enema apparatus and hang above 75~100m of your place
- A person needs to lie down on the floor in left side and put you legs to the front (pull your right leg over little more than left leg)
- Put the olive oil around the anus and make it slippery, and put the enema apparatus into the anus. (It is easier to put the enema apparatus into the anus if you open your mouth, because that will relax your stomach)
- Relax your stomach and start to inject lemon sap (adjust the speed of injection)
- After the injection, lie on your back and put your legs 1m higher than your body. Block your anus and wait about 12 minutes.
- Take a shit and research it to take a note
- Try to do this twice. Lie down to the right side second time
Caution when you operate an enema
- Person who has a hemorrhoid needs to cure it first
- If you are bleeding during the enema, you should stop after a one deep charcoal enema
- When you start to give enema first time, you can start from 300 cc at first and take a shit and do it again
- Pay special attention if you have enteritis (If you have it, operate charcoal enema first)
- Cleaner large intestine by enema means that quicker recovery
- You should take a shower and get a relax after enema
- Inject liquid slow to prevent cramp of intestine
- Enema liquid should sustain a temperature 104o F
- If you vomit during an enema, try to give a coffee enema
- Person who has enteritis needs to cure it first
Application and diseases
- Chronic constipation and diarrhea
- Neurotic colitis
- Chronic colitis
- Unknown cause of lower abdominal pain
- Various allergies
- Arthritis
- Patients who have various cancers
- Digestive system disease
- Respirator disease
- Circulator disease
- Hepatism
- Abdomen gas
- Skin disease
- Various brain diseases
- Headache (Margarine headache)
- Hepatotoxin
- Food poison (Emergence recovery)
- Obesity

3. What is a recovery meal?

- When you start to eat food after fast treatment, you should start with a spoon of brown rice gruel, and increase by 1 spoon by every meal. So you are not going to have indigestion
- Salt-free diet is appropriated. Tangles, seaweed, and various vegetables are also appropriate food.
- Try to avoid instant food, stimulative food, meats, and fishes
- Try to drink saps as much as you can in the empty stomach
- Grapes juice or synthesized vegetables are good for a recovery meal
- You can eat embryo buy of wheat, brown rice, and nuts-kinds food
- If rice gruel finally reaches the one bowl, you can start to eat 4 spoons of brown rice and increase by 1 spoon after that
- You must avoid an overeating or snack
- Fresh raw fruits are good for a recovery meal


Enema and recovery meals

1. Analysis of cause of adult disease
1) Overeating and snacks
- Heated food ? denaturation of minerals (inactive)
- Apepsia ? environment, condition of liver, bad mastication habit
- Low quality food (creophagism): peroxide lipid and cholesterol
- Light meal (low nutrient value)
- Glucose and sodium carbonate ? Ca consumption food
- Narrowed blood vessel by excessive salt and signet

2) Toxin
- Heated food ? Sticky colloid ? Stick between villus of intestines ? Rotten and turns in to stercoral ? basic toxin
- Acidic and toxic constitution ? Declining production and activity of Lymphocyte? Possibility of virus infection ? Possibility edema and inflammation ? pancreas, hepatitis, appendicitis, pneumonitis, ophthalmia, kidney, gastritis, enteritis, duodenum, dermatitis

3) Oxypathy of blood
- Burden of liver and kidney ? Declining function of liver and digestive ability ? indigestion ? Toxin
- Declining function of kidney ? Kidney disease such as glomerulonephritis ? Declining function of toxin excretion ? Toxemia ? Worse liver function ? Toxin excretion through the skin ? Skin disease, cornification, pimple, fungus ? Worse oxypathy

4) Stagnation of blood circulation
- Freezing of hand and foot
- Headache
- Muscle convulsion
- Enechema
- Hand and foot numbness
- Decline sexual function
- Heart disease
- Panting
- Depilation
- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Cerebral apoplexy
? Basic toxin and stercoral are made by ingest heated fibers. It makes blood toxicant, burdens liver, and produce methane gas. It will finally bring liver dysfunction.
? Heated food contains inactive minerals such as vitamins, which can blocks blood vessels and disturb blood circulation. It also cause of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis.

5) Damage from the dysfunction of liver
- Dysfunction of detoxification ? deeper toxins in the blood
- Dysfunction of production and ability of lymphocyte ? viral diseases
- Declining digestibility ? Indigestion, toxins
- Disturbing absorption of nutrients ? Malnutrition
Domino effects from the dysfunction of liver
- Dysfunction of kidney
- Blocking of capillary
- Thrombus
- Cerebral apoplexy
- Headache, Migraine headache
- Cramp of intestines
- Depilation
- Arthritis, acute anemia
- Frozen shoulder, myalgia, muscle cramp
- Hypertension
- Dysfunction of pancreas
- Distraction, dreaming a lot
- Infertility
- Accentuation of thyroid gland
- Unbalance of all kinds of glands

6) Reason of disease related to constant cycle of oxypathy of blood
- Oxypathy of blood ? Burdening a liver ? Dysfunction of liver ? Dysfunction of digestibility, detoxification ? Dysfunction of a liver ? Indigestion ? Production of toxins ? More oxypathy ? Clouding blood ? More wasted materials on the skin ? Dermatitis, cornification ? Body odor ? Blocking of capillary ? Dysfunction of a blood circulation ? Headache, migraine headache, frozen shoulder, heart disease, muscle cramp, grasping breath, dysfunction of a kidney, chill hands and feet, rough skin, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, numb of hands and feet
- Lungs ? Dysfunction of lungs ? Dysfunction of excreting toxins ? Oxypathy of blood ? Burden of liver, kidney
- Kidney ? Glomerulus ? Dysfunction of excreting toxins ? Oxypathy of blood ? Burden of liver, kidney; edema
- Liver ? Reinforcement of liver function ? Dysfunction of digestive function ? Indigestion ? Toxins ? Burdening liver
- Liver ? Reinforcement of liver function ? Dysfunction of metabolisms ? Toxins ? Burdening liver
- Liver ? Reinforcement of liver function ? Dysfunction of detoxification ? Holdup of toxins ? Burdening liver
- Small and large intestines
- Heart ? Malfunction of blood circulation ? Declining function of various organs in the body
- Blocking of brain capillary ? Headache, reduce brain capacity, migraine headache, cerebral apoplexy,
- Blocking of joint capillary ? Arthritis and various joint related diseases
- Blocking of muscle capillary ? myalgia, frozen shoulder
- Vein capillary ? Malfunction of blood circulation

7) Nerves (anxiety, anger, uneasiness, and health)
- Oxypathy of blood ? Stimulate nerve system ? Stress ? Consumption of VC, slight fever ? Consumption and deficiency of Ca ? Acute and weak nerve system ? Stress ? Adrenalin, Non-Adrenalin
- Declining function of excrete of garbage in the body ? Declining function of kidney
- Declining production and activity of Lymphocyte ? Possibility of virus infection ? various inflammations ? Assimilation of blood and lymphatic inflammation ? apepsia, dysfunction of absorption ? neurogenic gastritis, enteritis ? various kinds of neurogenic diseases ?Unbalance of metabolism
- Stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer ? Cancer
Malfunction of lungs
Malfunction of pancreas ? Diabetes
Malfunction of Spleen
Cholelithiasis ? Cholecystitis ? Gallbladder cancer
Dermatosis, cornification
Blood stasis ? Autism ? Epilepsy


Heated food and transformation of mineral calcium deficiency

1) Synthesis of mineral and oxygen
(Activated calcium) ca++ + O2 = CaO (burnt lime = concretion)
(Inactivated calcium) CaO + C = CaCO2 (limestone) (Inactivated calcium)
(Activated Iron) Fe++ + O = Fe2O2 or FeO (oxidative 2 iron) Inactivated (died) mineral
Activated mineral (alive mineral) (oxidative 1 iron = rust) = component of oil + cholesterol or soluble fatty acid ? blocking of vessel wall ? consolidation
- Arteriosclerosis
- Arteriosclerosis coronarius cordis
- Angina pectoris
- Myocardial infarction
- Reducing memory capability
- Cerebral apoplexy
- Prostatitis
- Hemorrhoid
- Varicose vein
- Hypertension
- Calcium deficiency

2) Deficiency of calcium
- Osteoporosis
- Weakening of ligament
- Weakening of joint
- Acidic constitution
- Weakening of gastric mucous coat
- Weakening of Lymphocyte
- Nerve acuity
- Depression
- Weakening of visual acuity
- Declining of nutrient metabolism
- Disc
- Reduce digestibility
- Inactivation of brain cells
- Stress

3) Blocking of blood capillary
- Declining of liver function
- Declining of kidney function
- Diabetes
- Disturbance of bowel absorption
- Cooling of hand and food
- Various skin disease
- Bald
- Gray hair
- Physiology of male and female
- Declining of lung function
- Arthritis
- Blocking of glomerulus
- Rubella
- Muscle cramp


Adult disease by the heated food and mineral transformation

1) A distribution diagram

- Mineral component in the food (crops, vegetables, sea weed, etc) will be transform to inactivated mineral by getting heated. Activated mineral (Ca++) + Oxygen (O2) = (CaO) slaked lime. If inactivated mineral enters to the blood flow meter and deposits on the vessel wall, blood vessels will block by Scale. Blocking of blood vessel will not only blocks artery, vein, and blood capillary, but also occurs a dysfunction of blood circulation, which will cause a hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and adult disease.

2) Kinds of activated mineral

- Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn, Na, K Ps, Cl, Cr, Ni, Al, Fe, I, An, Ag, Cu, B, V, Co etc

3) Scale production of inactivated mineral and adult disease

- Blocking of artery: Blocking of cerebral artery, coronary artery, lung artery, liver artery and hand-foot artery
- Blocking of vein: Thrombosis, varicose vein, blocking of hepatic vein, dysfunction of liver, esophageal pile, and hemorrhoid
- Blocking of blood capillary: Blocking kidney capillary and digest system
- Blocking of circulator system: Declining function of heart and lung, oxygen deficiency, and detoxification
- Blocking of pancreas capillary: Diabetes
- Blocking of brain capillary: cerebral apoplexy, losing memory capability
- Blocking of endocrine system: Dysfunction of total human body control
- Blocking of muscle capillary: Muscle cramp, thymus, and gonad
- Blocking of total capillary: Hypertension, diabetes, apoplexy, depilation, kidney disease, wrinkling, promoting senescence, and rough skin

4) Excretory duct of excretory duct of body

- Attempt to excrete by liver route
- Attempt to excrete by urine ? reference from carbonic acid beverage and adult disease
- Attempt to excrete by sweat gland

Carbonic acid beverage and adult disease

1) Carbonic acid beverage (CO2)

CO2 + Ca and mineral = CaCO (lime stone) + Fe = FeCO
Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu, S, P, I, Se, Na, B, Ba, Ni, CO, K, Mo
CaCO + Cholesterol = Scale on the vessel wall

2) Blocking of vessel wall

- Cerebrovascular: cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral apoplexy, hypertension, apoplexy, headache, dementia, and losing memory capability
- Blocking of organ capillary:
Liver: Declining function of liver
Kidney: Declining function of kidney
Stomach: Declining action liver; thinner mucous coat
Large intestine: Declining function of large intestine
Small intestine: Declining function of small intestine
Spleen: Declining function of spleen
Pancreas: Declining function of pancreas
Heart: Declining function of heart
- Blocking of muscle capillary: myalgia, reduction of muscle (heart disease)
- Blocking of skin capillary: rough skin, depilation and reduction of function of sweat gland
- Blocking of blood vessel of eye and retina: reduction of visual acuity
- Blocking of blood vessel of endocrine gland: reduction of function of body and metabolism balancing
- Blocking of artery: heart disease, hypertension, frozen shoulder, cerebral artery, hand-foot cramp, renal artery, and hand-foot artery
- Blocking of vein: hypertension, reduction of function of kidney, thrombosis, problem with blood circulation and blocking of artery and capillary

3) Calcium deficiency by Calcium consumption

- Osteoporosis
- Consolidation of joint: arthritis
- Weakening nerve system: depression, mental disease, acute
- Weakening ligament
- Thinner mucous coat of liver and intestine, gastritis, stomach ulcer

4) Problem during the excrete process of inactivated mineral

- Excretion through the kidney: calculus of kidney, urethra and cystis
- Excretion through the liver: choledocholith, calculus of hepatolithiasis, and cholecyst. Destruction of kidney and diabetes due to blocking of bile duct
- Excretion through the sweat: Pimples, blocking of sweat pore


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